Taylor's Talk-To-Me Beagles


Taz is out of Laneline Yellow Creek Dingus and Tinkers Creek Rosie. He is 3/4 Dingus and Indian Hills and 1/4 Yellow Creek. He is fast, has extreme hunt (but hunts with you) and is determined to find and drive a rabbit at all cost. He has a big, honest booming bark and has never run off game. He has been a great reproducer and has thrown his extreme hunt and desire into his pups.

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Tucker is out of Laneline Yellow Creek Dingus and Lady of Clem. We bought him as a pup from Laneline Kennels in Ohio. He has great temperment, kennel manners and handles great in the field. He is upper medium speed with great line control and patience in the check. He has an honest, loud unique bark that can be picked out of any pack. He has a stellar pedigree and is living up to all of my expectations.

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Tyson is out of Morrows Savage Sam and Alamo Creek's Lady of Oz. We bought him as a pup from Mike Oszuzt the owner of Alamo Creek Kennel. Tyson is smart, and has great line control. He has a strong nose and can track in tough conditions. He has extreme hunt, but has the patience to work out tough checks. He is showing all the traits that the Yellow Creek bloodline is known for.

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