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My kennel name Talk To Me Beagles is dedicated to my dad who was an avid coon hunter. He gave me the desire to train hounds over 40 years ago. Some of my fondest memories of my dad were of watching him train his coon hounds. He would drag coon hides, used coon squalors during the off season and had a caged coon that he pulled up a tree to teach his young dogs to tree.

He loved walker dogs and Skipper was his best dog. Skipper was all business! As soon as you dropped the tailgate he was determined to tree a coon. He was smart, solid built and always seemed to be able to locate, track and tree coons quickly. Whenever he was treed, my dad would yell “Talk To Me” and Skipper would get excited, sit at the base of the tree, shift his chop mouth into overdrive and blow the top out of the tree until we got there.

He was bold, fast and determined to tree a coon at all cost no matter what the conditions were (exactly what I strive for in my beagles) which helped him become a champion. My dad was a true hounds man and would give me a play by play of what Skipper was doing by the sound of his bark. It was amazing how well he knew that dog. They were a true team.

My dad taught me that building a kennel took time, patience, dedication and solid bloodlines. He told me that when I was old enough to have my own hounds that they would only be as good as the amount of time and dedication I put into them.

I'm an avid outdoorsman. I like to hunt and fish, but beagles are my passion.

I've been hooked on beagles since I was a freshman in college and watched a friend's beagles circle a rabbit. There's something about watching a beagle pup open on its first wild rabbit and the sound of a pack of beagles driving a rabbit that NEVER gets old to me.

I started beagling with grade dogs because they were all I could afford. Those dogs were champions to me and brought my brother and me years of enjoyment. The only problem was when they got too old to hunt and passed away we were back at square one buying and training grade pups without pedigree’s… that made tracking their bloodlines impossible.


Years later we decided to build our present kennel with AKC registered dogs that have been selectively line bred to produce beagles that had a balance of desire, nose and intelligence. After lots of research we contacted Jim and Joe Lane and bought two pups… a male named Taz out of Laneline Yellow Creek Dingus and Tinker’s Creek Rosie and a female named Daisy out of Happy Run Calico Clem and Laneline DonnaRae.

Later we bought Tinker’s Creek Molly who was 2 years old and a half mate to Taz. We used Molly to help train Taz and Daisy. Then we bred Taz to Daisy (our foundation cross) and kept a female named Taylor’s Talk To Me Sugar. Since those hounds had some solid Yellow Creek breeding in their pedigree we bought Taylor’s Talk To Me Tyson,  a Yellow Creek male pup from Mike Oszust of Alamo Creek Kennel,  to add more nose, brains and line control to our hounds without any major out crossing.

Now we are selectively line breeding Dingus MacRae, Indian Hills, Yellow Creek, Gay Baker, Shakerag and Happyrun bloodlines to produce our style and strain of gundogs that have extreme hunt, strong noses, great line control and medium to upper medium speed.

We only have one or two litters a year and most of our pups are spoken for in advance, but feel free to contact us and get on the waiting list if we have what you are looking for. You can also call or email, just to “talk dogs”.

We hope that we can inspire others to love the sport of beagling as much as we do.  If we can help, feel free to contact us!  We hope you enjoy our site’s content and pictures.  Please take a moment to sign the Guest Book located on our home page.   We enjoy seeing who is viewing the website and where you are all from.

Thanks and God Bless!

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