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Welcome to Taylor’s Talk To Me Beagles. We are a small kennel located near Kansas City, Missouri.

Dingus MacRae, Indian Hills, Yellow Creek, Gay Baker, Hill’s Shakerag and Happyrun bloodlines were used to produce our gundogs. To learn more about our kennels foundation bloodlines, their breeders and the impact they made on today’s beagles check out our strain and stories page.

Our belief is that if we built our kennel’s foundation with high quality bloodlines, known for not only what their sire and dam have done but what their ancestors have done as well as their offspring then our chances of breeding top notch gundogs would be greatly improved.

Instead of starting from scratch or spinning our wheels for years we decided to build our strain of gundog from Laneline and Alamo Creek kennels. Jim, Joe and Mike have solid reputations for producing some top notch hounds with all the traits we desired in our kennel. They are honest breeders and friends that I admire and have learned a lot from.

Jim and Joe had already blended the pure grit, desire, hunt and jumping ability from the Dingus line, commonly referred to as the “Rabbit Machine That Couldn’t Be Stopped.” The drive, “run to catch” determination  and the high percentage  of “off game proof” came from the Indian Hills line that they acquired from Larry Perry.  They also added the brains, line control and nose from the Yellow Creek line known as “Ole Funnel Nose” from John Toy (Indian Run Kennel) and Mike Oszust (Alamo Creek Kennel). We also have some Gay Baker blood (Hills Shakerag Kennel)  and some real old Yellow Creek blood from Dan Kane of Happyrun Kennels in Canada.

We strive to have a proper balance of desire, nose & intelligence within our hounds by selective line breeding to produce overall “complete” gundogs that are determined to do whatever it takes to jump and circle a rabbit as fast as conditions permit or as slowly as conditions demand with great line control and the patience to work a tough check.

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Watch these two littermate sisters (bred in our kennel) getting it done in South Carolina. We know their owner Marvin is one happy houndsman.


Taz That Dawg Will HUNT

Tucker and Tyson Tag Team

Watch My Missouri Cottontail Double



Click Picture and WatchTaz and Daisy Transform

from Beagle Pups to Rabbit Dogs

Taylor's Talk To Me Shelby out of Taylor's Talk To Me Tyson and Taylor's Talk To Me Sugar won the August Hound of The Month Contest on the Straight Up The Middle Beagle forum. She is equally as pleasing in the field as she is on the eyes. I look forward to seeing her progress from a started pup to a full blown rabbit dawg.

Click on the picture below and  watch 6 month old Shelby and her littermate sister Ginger circle rabbit.

Anthony Taylor

Kansas City, MO



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